Q. What were/are your musical influences?
  I've always preferred the slower and melodic artists/bands. David Gates and Bread wrote some some wonderful ballads. The Beatles, The Carpenters, ABBA etc and I've always enjoyed instrumental scores particularly from shows/films. Today, I can't believe I love classical music and really admire some of the works from the Spanish masters.  It's amazing when you learn to play an instrument how your tastes can change! 

Q. What are the favourite pieces of music that people like to learn in your lessons?
Children like themes such as Harry Potter, the Simpsons theme, Eastenders and Match of the Day. Adults are so variable in their tastes and keen to progress on their own "musical journey" so I try and incorporate some of their personal favourites into the sessions.  Each musical piece I use teaches a particular skill - common favourites are; Prelude to a New Millennium, The James Bond themes, Yesterday, Spanish Romance, Killing Me Softly, Vincent (starry starry night), Is There Anybody Out There, Every Breath You Take, Pomp & Circumstance, Stairway to Heaven, Etude in E Minor, Half a World Away, Rosamunde, You're Beautiful, Habanera (from Carmen), Eleanor Rigby, Country Roads, House of the Rising Sun, Wonderful Tonight, Romance of the Roses, Nothing Else Matters, All My Loving, Then I Kissed Her, Malaquena, These Streets, Leyenda (Asturias), Tears in Heaven, Hasta Manana, Scarborough Fair, etc and many more.

Q. Why is that such a mixed collection of music?
A.  Well, I'll confess some of them are not my favourites but each piece of music I use requires a particular skill or technique that I want to develop in the student.  Having mastered some of these the skills learned will readily be re-used on some of the students' more preferred pieces of music.

Q. What is your favourite piece of guitar music?
"Memories of the Alhambra" by Franciso Tarrrega.  I just love the tremolo melody and the wonderful expression of this piece. Also, as with any other guitarist, there are countless "riffs" from all musical genres that I find captivating and simply must master and play!