I have regular feedback from my students.

Here are some recent comments:
"Learning to play the guitar has been a goal of mine for many, many years. After purchasing a wonderful guitar a few years ago and doing nothing with it, I thought it was about time to learn properly. My internet search for a teacher let me to Chriss and I'm so glad it did. Chriss has really boosted my confidence in my abilities, as I'm always saying...I can't do it!!! But under his guidance I find I can! Lessons fly by and are so enjoyable. I even enjoy practicing between lessons. Chriss is very patient and encouraging. I would recommend him to anyone wishing to learn guitar". 
Kim - Langstone, Nr Newport

"I decided to learn to play after my retirement.  As a complete beginner Chriss is the ideal teacher.  His teaching goes at the pupils pace, encouraging whilst steadily introducing new aspects.  He is kind, reliable and full of patience.  I would thoroughly recommend him ” .
Andrew - Coombe Dingle, Bristol

"I find Chriss an excellent guitar tutor. He has a very relaxed way of teaching which I find helps me grow in confidence. He is also patient and always full of good advice and tips which I can understand. His lessons are always geared up for sheer enjoyment and achievement in small steps to ensure no failures. I would recommend Chriss to anyone thinking of taking up the guitar. He is also very friendly and approachable".
Janice - Stoke Gifford, Bristol

"As an intermediate player trying to become advanced, Chriss had a lot of new techniques for me to try out. Many simple methods I hadn't thought of now make my playing more simple and equally more diverse. I enjoy my sessions with Chriss and hope to continue improving in future".
Lydia - Coombe Dingle, Bristol 

"Chriss is a great teacher, playing a guitar was something I always wanted to do. I just wish I had the time to practice, life gets in the way. I will definitely be back, thank you Chriss for all your hard work. I really enjoyed it."
Judy - Fairwater, Cardiff 

"Really enjoying learning to play the guitar with Chriss. His lessons are fun with just the right amount of challenge. I'd definitely recommend him"
Chris - Portishead

"I am enjoying my lessons. Chriss has a good teaching method, therefore, I have a clear understanding of what is being asked of me. I think it takes a long time to become a good player but I will continue to play".
Akemi - Portishead

"I bought a guitar nearly 10 years ago that has been sitting beautifully on a stand gathering dust at the top of my stairs! After a few lessons when I initially bought it, I gave up quite quickly. Learning the guitar was always one of those 'things I wanted to do' & after seeing Chriss' advert in a local magazine, I decided to give it another try & I'm so glad I did!  Chriss has a lovely friendly, relaxed approach to his teaching where he uses a mixture of well known pieces of music to gradually develop new skills - as well as impressing family & friends! He is extremely encouraging & supportive & is easily kept happy with a good cuppa & some biscuits!!"
Clair - Portishead 

"Chriss is a great guitar tutor, he is patient, puts his point across in a good way and is easy to play along with. He has focused on what I do well and build on it as well as subtlety incorporating techniques into our lessons to help me improve on what I don't. His sheets are easy and fun to follow and are great to practice between lessons. He is also a thoroughly nice bloke to boot!"
James - Pill  

"Chriss is an excellent teacher and I always look forward to our lessons. He's always fully prepared and pitches everything perfectly - tailoring the structure of our time together to suit me, and making things enjoyable yet, appropriately challenging. I would happily recommend Chriss to anyone - regardless of current ability or experience - I'm sure he can help you".
Ben - Harbourside, Bristol 

"Chriss is a very patient and encouraging teacher who is gently helping me to overcome my embarrassment at playing guitar like a five year old! His teaching methods are working and I look forward to my fortnightly lesson. Although I rarely get enough time to practice I am seeing real progress and now love playing music. I picked up a cheap guitar from the local charity shop and with a lesson every second week it's an affordable hobby I wish I had learned 30 years ago. I thoroughly recommend Chriss for his kindly, professional and friendly manner and his really excellent teaching skills".
Kate - Portishead 

"Chriss "Finish on a Bass" Watson took on the unenviable task of teaching a complete novice how to play guitar. I feel I have progressed well and Chriss pushes me along at a pace that I sometimes feel is a bit fast but soon realise that it is just my lack of practice that causes me to fall behind a bit. At 55 I decided that I wanted to learn guitar properly. In the forty odd years BC (before Chriss) I had managed to learn a pitiful rendition of the house of the rising sun only to find that I had been playing it using the wrong chords all that time. Seven lessons in now and hopefully many more to come. Chriss is always on time and our lessons are both interesting and challenging. I look forward to them and enjoy them immensely".
Jim - Weston-Super-Mare

"I have had a guitar since the 1960's and I used to play regularly, but then due to several reasons, I stopped playing, so I decided it would be good to have lessons. I searched the internet and found Chriss. He is very helpful and an excellent tutor and he has shown me a lot of new things, like playing without a plectrum. I feel that through Chriss' teaching I have deliberately improved within the past five weeks".
Philip - Patchway, Bristol 

"Chriss is an excellent teacher. I am a complete beginner and find Chriss' lessons fly by. He is a patient and encouraging tutor with a laid back style. Chriss introduces new elements each lesson that are both challenging but achievable".
Stewart - Portishead

"As a brand new guitarist, I was unsure of how to approach learning to play. Fortunately I found Chriss who opened the door to learning sound skills. He has saved me long hours of work and had me playing basic songs immediately. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wishes to improve their playing skills. He is well priced, good value and reliable"
Terry - Weston-Super-Mare

"As a self taught older student of the guitar Chriss has helped me develop skills which I would not have envisaged. His enthusiasm and well developed study course help maintain my interest and I am enjoying playing the guitar more than I have done for a long time!"
Peter - Worle

"Never thought I'd actually be able to play the guitar before I started having lessons, but after only a few lessons I felt like I could actually play. Chriss is a great tutor, explains things clearly, is really encouraging and works very much at my pace. I'm now really motivated to keep going!"
Sharon - West Wick, Weston-Super-Mare

"I had been trying to self teach on and off for years when I finally bit the bullet and dropped Chriss a message through the website. Chriss got in contact and we arranged a lesson. After the first lesson I kicked myself for not having lessons sooner. Chriss is a good tutor and is very patient, I was soon playing songs and have more structured approach. If you're thinking of having lessons then I'd definitely recommend him. Chriss, thanks for all your help, you're a top man!"
Lee - Shirehampton, Bristol

"Excellent teacher. Very patient and encouraging. Very approachable if you're having problems or have not understood anything. Would be happy to recommend".
Christine - Portishead

"I have been strumming acoustic guitars for five years and reached the stage where I didn't seem to be making progress. My tuition up to this point had been the internet, good but it gives no feedback. I have always liked fingerpicking but found little on the web to enable me to progress. I needed personal tuition. Being in the older age group I wasn't sure I wanted some youth with an electric guitar teaching me songs I had never heard of, so was pleased with I accidentally came across Chriss' advert and was even happier when he turned up. Chriss has shown me that there is so much to the guitar than strumming and I especially like the links, or bass runs, that are included. I find myself back in school and enjoying every minute of it!"
John - Yate, Bristol  

"I have had a number of lessons with Chriss and am enjoying the experience. Although I'm not a natural musician he has great patience and makes the practice and learning fun to do. I would recommend Chriss to anyone, like me, who has no great talent for music, but strives to play guitar. I'm sure that, given enough time, he can even make me play! I feel I am well on the way to achieving my dream. Being an Evertonian is also a big plus in my book!"
Nick - Nailsea  

"I've found Chriss to be a consistently patient teacher, which helps because I'm a slow learner! A lot is packed into the lessons, and I find myself enjoying playing more and more. I've always wanted to play guitar but felt defeated when it came to bar-chords, but Chriss has shown me that they're nothing to be afraid of after all. I previously used video clips on the internet but only got so far with them. I have hugely benefitted since having one on one tuition, my confidence growing slowly but surely. Thank you very much Chriss!"
Hannah - Easton, Bristol

"Having tried with limited success over the years to lean to play the guitar, I can recommend Chriss without hesitation. Chriss is an excellent tutor, matching his teaching carefully to your ability. If you are taught by Chriss and, practice each day, you will play the guitar."
Malcolm - Wrington

"I have played guitar for a few years and always wanted to play a fingerpicking style but never really knew how to do it. Chriss has helped me and, in particular, has been able to show by example exactly how numbers should be played. 
Very helpful and also inspiring".
Graham - Weston Super Mare

"Chriss is amazing. I cannot believe how far I have come in just five lessons. He is very positive and encouraging. I am really enjoying the experience. I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone."
Martin - St George's, Weston Super Mare. 

"I've had six lessons now with Chriss and all is well. I'm looking forward to the next six.
Chriss is a great teacher, he needs to be, as I'm not musically minded and he is doing a good job so far."
Steve - Easton-in-Gordano

"I have been having lessons with Chriss now for three months. I always find our lessons together well presented and structured but, most of all, enjoyable. Chriss has a clear and precise teaching style which I find easy to follow and my guitar skills are improving with every lesson".
Craig - Portishead

"Chriss has an easy-going style that both encourages and drives progress though a well thought out syllabus".
Brian - Portishead  

"Chriss has guided me over three years from never having held a guitar to a level where I can play a variety of music styles well enough to enjoy. He has given me the confidence to play with other musicians and tackle more complicated pieces than I thought possible when we started. As I near retirement I look forward to extending the range further. I still have a very long way to go but with the firm grounding Chriss has given me, it's going to be a lot of fun". 
Andy - East Coker, Nr Yeovil

"Chriss is very patient and understanding as I struggle with the basics, he gives clear concise instruction but with relaxed teaching methods."
Norman - Henbury, Bristol

"I received a lesson as a birthday present to try and encourage me to get on with learning to play - it worked!
Chriss' calm, patient, professional and relaxed style has inspired me to learn. He has a gift for making each lesson fun whilst pushing you on and teaching you new things. He imparts confidence and makes you feel as if you are progressing and that playing the guitar is actually achievable. Learning in the privacy and comfort of your own home is also a great bonus. All round, a great teacher and good egg!"
Peter - Long Ashton  

"Picking up the guitar again after several years, I've found Chriss' style, technique and approach to be just what I was looking for to help and support my revived interest in playing. I was keen to make sure that I selected a tutor that I felt I could engage with and that could help me identify my areas of interest and support me going forward. I always look forward to lessons with him which I enjoy immensely and I feel the flexibility of these being home visits and the convenience of being able to pay on-line, text re: lesson dates etc. really helps me keep on track".
Peter - Clifton 

"I am an intermediate guitar player and have been looking for a new teacher for about five years. I have tried many others in the Bristol area but quickly moved on because either their repertoire didn’t interest me or they were great players, but not great teachers! As school teacher myself, I value Chriss’ positivity and encouragement, his ability to quickly assess my level and move me on appropriately and finally, his song list. Chriss is able to teach a wide variety of music from Spanish techniques and Christmas Carols to well-known Rock and Pop songs from the 1960’s onwards. Even songs I wouldn’t normally consider sound great with the techniques he applies to them - mixing strumming and finger picking extremely well. The only limit to the progress I can make is the amount of time I spend practising! Finally, Chriss' flexibility means lessons are a lot less stressful. Coming to my house at times and dates convenient to me is incredibly helpful."
Alistair - Westbury-on-Trym 

"Chriss is a very patient guitar teacher. He is laid back and has a good sense of humour. I enjoy the pace of the lessons which seem to be pitched at just the right level for me. The lessons can be fun and not too serious but I do feel I am progressing. The selection of music he uses is classic and recognisable and helps you to develop your chords/TAB technique".
Liz - Redland
"I wasn't sure whether to book lessons with Chriss to begin with as he teaches using TAB and as I already read music it felt like it would be "cheating". Because I am not interested in taking grades and just want to play for fun I thought I may as well give it a go. Having had 6 lessons now I am really pleased that I did. I feel that I have progressed quickly and look forward to my fortnightly lesson. Chriss is very patient and makes learning fun - the hour lesson goes so quickly. I love the fact that he comes to my house and his hourly rate is very reasonable".
Jacki - Clifton Wood

"I have always wanted to learn to play the guitar, but always thought it be way beyond my capabilities. I always thought the process would be quite intimidating - a daunting prospect! Chriss is extremely good at putting you at ease and tailoring lessons to suit individual needs. He is clearly well-prepared and you always feel as if you have truly achieved and made progress after each and every lesson. I was amazed at how quickly you can string a tune together! I feel Chriss removes the mystique of guitar playing and makes it accessible to all in the way that he teaches. I soon felt that I was being taught the correct way, as opposed to being allowed to pick up bad habits that would haunt me later in my guitar playing. Chriss is good fun, and really goes out of his way to make you feel relaxed and confident so that you can really achieve during his lessons".
Siobhan - Portishead
"I love to sing and have always wanted to be able to accompany myself on the guitar. I had lessons years ago but never reached a sufficient level of competence. Since I’ve recently retired from work and have more time I decided to take lessons again. 
I started lessons with Chriss four months ago, taking lessons twice a month. Chriss is so professional in his approach, he’s well prepared, adapts lessons to suit my personal abilities and preferences and he’s also relaxed and good fun to work with. He gives great value for money. I am really pleased with my progress. I’ve learned so much in a relatively short space of time and have improved to the point where I’m already confident enough to play to entertain friends and family. I would highly recommend Chriss to anyone who wants to learn to play the guitar and enjoy their lessons".
Clare - Longwell Green, Bristol

"I, like many others, have read books and listened to teaching discs but never had the discipline to get very far other than a few chords. Then my son-in-law (Steve) suggested asking Chriss to show us the way and, after a few lessons, me being 70 with sticky fingers even my wife says she now knows one or two of the tunes I try and play. Chriss is very good at getting the best out of you in his own way and makes you feel that you are getting better with his special way of teaching and laying out a programme to follow that suits your needs to progress. I recommend his services to anybody and hope to have many more enjoyable lessons in the future. Thanks Chriss."
Mike - Speedwell, Bristol 

"Chriss is a very friendly individual, I feel very much at ease with him during lessons. He has a great approach to teaching, and I feel that his teaching methods have brought me a long way in only a handful of lessons. Chriss is very encouraging and positive, and I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone considering taking guitar lessons."
Ronan - Yate

"Chriss is an excellent guitar teacher. I never thought I would be able to put 2 chords together but I can thanks to Chriss. Having the lessons in your own home is a massive advantage and really helps you feel comfortable. Chriss is patient and has lots of tips that you would never learn from a book".
Lee - Portishead

"First I tried books, then lessons at the Spanish Guitar Centre and then...the internet! I was on the point of giving up when I decided to try one last time with a teacher. Chriss' website - full of information and great feedback - prompted me to contact him and I haven't looked back since! I must admit I thought Chriss was overly optimistic when he told me I'd be playing something recognisable within the first hour - but he was right! His approach to teaching is to push gently in the right direction with lots of encouragement. I'd recommend Chriss to anyone interested in playing the guitar at any level - you won't be disappointed!"
Karen - Henleaze, Bristol

"It was about a year ago that I began to teach myself some chords from an old tutorial book and then I was given a more comprehensive one for Christmas last year and spent around 9 months teaching myself chords and progressions from the book. But I had got to a point where I didn’t quite know where to go with what I had learned or how to progress it. I found Chriss through his web site which impressed me and I have had seven lessons so far. Chriss has given me the structure and direction that I needed and I have enjoyed every minute of his lessons. He has excellent taste in music and songs and I have very much enjoyed learning the ones he has given me which has helped me to progress in strumming and technique. I look forward to continuing to learn from him".
Andrew - Burnham-on-Sea
"After spending a year learning chords and strumming tunes I wanted to progress and expand my repertoire. I contacted Chriss through his impressive website. I am thoroughly enjoying his lessons and am making good progress with a number of picking and strumming styles. This has enabled me to re-visit, and improve on, some of my existing numbers in addition to learning some new material. A couple of classical pieces are also being attempted. Chriss' teaching style is very relaxed and the home visits are so convenient. I am looking forward to my first 'electric' session."
Mike - Portishead
"Chriss is a super guitar teacher. After five lessons with him, I find that he has a methodical approach that has me making progress on multiple fronts. He has a very engaging, supportive style and is fun to work with. He is punctual and reliable as well. I can recommend him wholeheartedly".
Paul - North Woodchester, Nr Stroud

"A convenient way of learning, no travelling needed, good clear lessons with achievable aims. Highly recommended, I should have taken lessons earlier!"
Andrew - Clevedon
"Having been taught previously by an instructor where we only used the plectrum, my eyes have been opened to what I can do with a guitar although I am still a total novice. The homework is so varied which keeps it interesting and often I have to stop for breath as there is so much to take in. After half a dozen lessons or so, I can only imagine whats coming next. Thoroughly enjoyable and relaxed - in my own home too! Flexible bookings at a very reasonable price."
Jonathan - Bradley Stoke, Bristol
"I have found the informal method of tutoring that Chriss adopts to be very comfortable to follow. His enthusiasm for the guitar and its music is encouraging and leading me towards my goal with ease. His personal touch and gentle criticism and clear instruction has given me a new confidence with the guitar."
Ted - Clutton

"Having tried (and failed miserably) to teach myself through YouTube and beginners books, I finally decided that a tutor was the way forward. I was thoroughly impressed by Chriss' website and the feedback on this page - which ultimately gave me the push to get in touch. So glad I did - five lessons in and my sklls, knowledge and confidence has grown thanks to Chriss and I'm really enjoying, and look forward to, each lesson. The lessons combine a mix of core guitar playing skills, with playing recognisable tunes from the outset, and lots of fun. Chriss is patient, punctual and gives lots of encouragement, and knowing I have another lesson gives me the push I need to practice. I would certainly recommend Chriss and his approach to teaching, and I hope to continue learning with him in the future".
Sarah - Sneyd Park, Bristol  

"Due to illness I needed to find a guitar tutor that could teach at my home. I used to play Classical Guitar up to grade six ability but now I wanted it to be fun and easy going so that it would not increase any tension so exacerbating my illness. I met Chriss and immediately I felt at ease and his manner is great as he loves the music so much and he passes that enthusiasm on so readily in a very well thought out approach in his teaching style. He uses tablature which I was not to sure about when starting out but it does work on simplifying things, I do miss reading notes and time signatures but I can do that in my own time so it's not really a negative. Chriss has taught me to look at music in a very different way than previous and it has really made me appreciate the skills I already had. I just love playing again and for that Chriss I thank you." 
Ron - Kingswood, Bristol

"I enjoy the lessons and despite some misgivings of my own abilities (particularly with chords) Chriss has encouraged and guided me throughout. I feel I am making progress with the guitar under his guidance, he has a lot of patience and makes the lessons enjoyable."
Gordon - Portishead

"I think Chriss would agree I'm a good busker. Self taught, I can accompany myself singing most modern songs. What I haven't had over the years is the ability to play with any complexity. Now I'm retired I decided to ask Chriss to help me develop an ability to read and follow guitar tablature and to improve my finger picking style and chord range.
After four lessons (and plenty of practice) I am now playing several tunes, following tablature and my finger picking has started to get better. Chriss demonstrates the way to play the pieces, which is helpful and insists on discipline in fingering and timing. At the same time the lessons (and practice) have been good fun. I can never believe it when my session has finished and an hour has passed. I think the best part of having lessons is that it forces one to practice. You don't want the embarrassment of seeing Chriss (gentle and encouraging as he is) without having made progress!"
Paul - Sandford
"Starting to learn guitar from scratch at the age of 65 is quite a challenge - for me and for any teacher brave enough to take on the challenge! Chriss was brave enough and has proved to be brilliant, patient, encouraging and warm, he always comes prepared and each lesson is structured and builds on the previous one. Something new and fresh each time and I am now beginning to make some pleasant sounds and playing some tunes. Wonderful - and he comes to my place!"
Andrew - Clifton, Bristol
"Chriss is very friendly and approachable and is willing to adapt his lessons to the style you want to learn. It was particularly helpful to have him come to my own home. We only managed a few lessons thanks to the imminent arrival of my baby but they were very enjoyable, thanks Chriss!"
Wendy - Pill

"I have really enjoyed my lessons with Chriss. He is an encouraging, patient and fun teacher. I started learning some lovely tunes from the first lesson. I would highly recommend Chriss to anyone wanting to learn the guitar".
Lyn - Alveston
"Chriss has been just the sort of tutor I was looking for. I've been making consistent improvements and enjoyed the variety of skills. I've found his approach to teaching is patient and thoughtful, while he also moves at a pace I feel I can cope with. If you are a complete novice player and want a solid foundation from which to develop as a guitar player, I would recommend Chriss highly."
Neil - Brentry, Bristol

"I really enjoyed the lesson and it was very useful to me indeed. It made me actually look and listen to how I play in a way I haven't before".
Graham - Norton-sub-Hamdon

"Put simply Chriss is a joy to play guitar with. I have a two hour lesson every month and feel I have made significant progress under his tutorship. I could play to a reasonable standard already, but was looking for someone to help and inspire me to progress further and learn new styles and music. Chriss is always punctual (a basic courtesy,yes, but often missed in this day and age) and full of enthusiasm. He has tailored his teaching to my requirements exactly and I would have no hesitation in recommending him".
Nick - East Harptree

"I have had a break from learning to play the guitar and wanted to pick it up again at a pace that suited me and without the need to run through scales etc. I am really enjoying the hour I have because I get to do something different that is creative. 
Already I can see an improvement in my playing ability and I have recalled most of the chords and notes I learnt first time round. 
The 'finger' style of strumming was new to me, but I can see and feel how this improves timing and feel. 
I think what Chriss offers is excellent value, especially as its at home and at a time to suit me".
Nick - Portishead
"I've always wanted to play the blues but it turns out it's not as easy as it looks so I gave up on trying to teach myself. I'm making such good progress with Chriss that I really think I'll get these this time."
Lesley - Tickenham

"I had never tried guitar before and always wanted to play. I was surprised at my progress and the structured syllabus really makes you feel that you are developing skills. A very enjoyable hour too!"
Laura - Old Sodbury

"I first contacted Chriss after signing up for lessons at a local centre but for some reason it never come to anything, I did an online search and Chriss' s website came up . I read the testimonials and decided to contact him. What was attractive to me was the fact that he comes to your house and was very reasonably priced. I like the way he teaches. His technique makes learning fun and that's what learning an instrument should be all about. He's also an honest and friendly guy and he puts your mind at ease when you think you are doing badly. He understands that we aren't all geniuses who can pick up an instrument and begin to play flawlessly after a few lessons. I hope to continue learning with him".
Dan - East Horrington, Nr Wells

"Having been a frustrated player of a few chords since I was about 12, I’ve spent almost 30 years wishing I could learn to play properly. Somehow I never got around to having lessons, then this year I decided to see what I could find, and I discovered Chriss’s website. To have a tutor come to my home for lessons is a huge plus, as I work long hours and would otherwise find it difficult to fit in. Chriss’s calm, patient and relaxed approach to teaching means that I am learning all the time without even really thinking about it – right from the start his method emphasises practical skills rather than theory, and this keeps it interesting.
At the end of each lesson Chriss leaves me with some new ideas to practice, along with a keen desire to impress him next time! I may not practice as much as I would like, but I am spurred on to try hard in order to keep progressing my skills – I would never have that impetus working by myself. The added fact that I was playing recognisable tunes from the very first lesson has also given me great encouragement. In just a few lessons I have learned more practical guitar skills than I did in 30 years of faffing around by myself with books and videos. I thoroughly recommend Chriss, and his approach to teaching".
David - Nailsea

"It's great to have someone who comes to your home to teach, being a busy Mum, I find it hard to get out, this solves that problem - I work my lesson around my little one's nap and so it's very convenient. Initially Chriss assured me I would be playing a few tunes by the end of my first lesson, I laughed and thought 'good luck with that then'! However the method Chriss uses to teach really did mean that I was able to do this. I have now had six lessons and can play a good selection of easily recognisable tunes. Chriss is easy going and very patient, he tends to focus on the things I have improved on, rather than the things I am still trying to get to grips with, and his encouragement has been very valuable in my progress."
Lisa - Stockwood, Bristol

"The wrong side of 50 I decided to finally fulfill a life time desire, I'd learn to play the guitar! Started off with internet/self teach and frankly wasted over a year getting nowhere. My wife, god bless her, tracked Chriss down, knowing I'd like the idea of him coming to our home. After about 8 lessons now I can report the following:
I like the fact that I know every 2 weeks I have to show Chriss that I've made some progress. This encourages me to practice, its the kick up the a**e and discipline I needed. I love the way I am being taught. Proper building blocks of basic technique, linked to tunes, so you feel like you are actually playing something. It's great to have some one correcting the basics. I think if I can master them then I hope to pass for a musician one day! Having Chriss come to my home really suits my busy life style. If I had to travel I'd have missed some lessons by now. I would recommend Chriss to anyone. His friendly style relaxes you, the hour lesson literally flys by".
Paul - Portishead

"I’m really enjoying Chriss’ lessons. He knows a variety of songs for beginners which perfectly suit my taste (which is important - no one wants to play a tune s/he doesn’t really like) - Beatles, Beach Boys, John Denver etc. I also learnt a few Spanish songs. I didn’t know any Spanish music before, but now I really like it. So with Chriss you can build up a repertoire of your favourite songs + explore new exciting genres. As a teacher, Chriss is very patient, positive and encouraging. He always treats you as if you were his fellow guitarist (even when you are still a beginner), and puts emphasis on ‘playing together’, rather than ‘teaching’. Having lessons at home is also good. It’s relaxed, comfortable, and saves a lot of time (and I don’t need to carry my guitar!). So, Chriss, thank you for your lessons so far, and I look forward to learning more from you".
Michiko - Lower Knowle, Bristol

"Chriss is the sort of teacher everyone hopes to get. Everything is explained and demonstrated as many times as I need. I also like the fact we go over the previous lesson’s homework before going on to something new. I could play a tune from the first lesson, which gives an immediate sense of achievement, and progressing better than I thought I would ever do."
Chris - Portishead

"After searching the internet for a quality guitar instructor, I stumbled across Chriss’s website. The information available and the fact that Chriss travels to your home appealed to me and being totally honest, I haven’t looked back since. Chriss makes the lessons very enjoyable and his patient manner along with his knowledge, professionalism, punctuality and ability to get you playing recognisable tunes in such a short time is fantastic. Chriss manages to get the balance just right when setting tasks for the next lesson and not once have I felt under pressure with the level of difficulty or amount of homework set, and if I don’t succeed at a certain task, Chriss will give me encouragement and ensure I am comfortable before moving on. I always look forward to my next lesson and I would highly recommend Chriss to friends and family and any other budding guitarist who I may stumble across. Thank you Chriss!"
Rob - Yatton 

"I would highly recommend Chriss as a guitar teacher. His teaching style is very relaxed and he is always full of encouragement which really spurs me on to do well. I have tried other teachers in the past and can honestly say Chriss is by far the easiest to get along with making each each lesson fun as well as informative"
Nick - Portishead 

"My wife bought me a guitar for my 40th birthday, after six lessons I have been impressed with my level of progress. This is all thanks to Chriss with his relaxed and encouraging teaching method".
Richard - Woolavington

"Enthusiasm, encouragement and fun are all prerequisites for teaching the guitar. There is also a need for structure and order if someone like me who reads no music and has never before held a guitar in anger is to learn to play. My lessons with Chriss have the first three attributes in plenty and, as the lessons go by, I am realising that there has also been a great deal of thought and planning gone into those sessions, so that I gradually acquire a toolkit of techniques in a logical, manageable order and at my own pace. Each new exercise is more challenging than the last and as my dog no longer leaves the room when I pick up the guitar I may be making progress!"
Andrew - East Coker, Nr Yeovil

"I have had five lessons with Chriss and have thoroughly enjoyed each one. He has a very patient and unhurried manner which helps me immensely in my learning. I feel, in only five weeks, I have progressed well and really look forward to my next lesson. He is a very unassuming person which helps with my learning personally as I don't feel very confident in my guitar playing! I know that as time goes by my confidence will improve - certainly with Chriss as my teacher. He is always punctual and very organised and makes the lessons fun! I am so lucky to have found him! Many thanks Chriss".
Karen - Blackford

"After six lessons I've come further than in the previous six years of trying to teach myself".
Joe - Axbridge

"As a self-taught guitarist I felt I had progressed very little for years and had been meaning to find a tutor for a while. Stumbling across Chriss' website his teaching style instantly stood out to me. I felt nervous and excited about my first lesson but, right away, Chriss made me feel relaxed and confident. His style of teaching gives you a sense of gratification by being able to play a recognised tune as well as building upon skills and technique. I look forward to my lessons and enjoy playing and practising in between. Chriss has re-kindled my love of playing the guitar and I couldn't recommend him highly enough. Awesome!"
Ursula - Chilcompton

"I am so glad that I gave Chriss a call. He has a very relaxed manner and, when I heard him play, I was so inspired. He soon had me playing recognisable tunes and on each visit he always checks to see how you have done before moving on and, at the end of each lesson, he will leave me with a new tune to practice having shown me how it should be done with some good tips and techniques and, providing I am prepared to put in the practice time, I am always confident that it is achievable. I always look forward to my next lesson because I know that I will learn something new and it's also good fun".
John - Hutton 

"Playing the guitar is something I've always wanted to be able to do, not so much on a professional level, but just to be able to pick up a six string and play a recognisable tune, I have been having lessons with Chriss now for around 3 months and I do enjoy our time with the guitar, Chriss is a very friendly, patient and knowledgeable teacher and I feel I am making good progress".
Marco - Weston-Super-Mare

"One of my big regrets is not learning to play the guitar when I was a teenager or young man. However, they say it's never too late and I have found Chriss to be an extremely knowledgeable and friendly tutor. I have now had 5 lessons and, although I feel that my progress is rather slow and my ability limited, I am enjoying the experience. I have also been sufficiently motivated to practiice every day since my first lesson. Chriss is also very patient and his teaching speed and method I find appropriate to my needs."
Keith - Congresbury 

"Chriss makes every lesson humorous, relaxed and varied which has helped me to play the guitar. The lesson plans and content have really motivated me to learn the various skills and complete the tasks set by Chriss.
Chriss has given me encouragement throughout and is very knowledgeable and supportive as a tutor."
Donna - Pedwell

"I expect some of you reading this are probably in the same situation I was before I gave Chriss a call. You've acquired a guitar from somewhere (I was borrowing my son's steel string acoustic) and are trying to teach yourself how to play. My son gave me a few pointers and there's thousands of lessons on YouTube which I'm sure you've found that I used to watch and try and emulate. However unless you're either incredibly self motivated and/or incredibly gifted you'll probably, like me, at some point grind to a halt! It was at this point that I gave Chriss a call. I was really nervous when he made his first visit to my home but I needn't have been. He is welcoming, friendly, relaxed and very encouraging and by the end of my first lesson I was happy to 'play' the guitar in his company. I've had a number of lessons now and feel I'm making progress and more importantly I'm really enjoying it. Knowing that you've booked another lesson also encouages you to practice! By the way I bought a nylon string classical guitar and he's right - they are easier to play than a steel string acoustic."
Ian - Taunton 

"For quite a while I had been trying to teach myself to play the guitar. I reached a point where there was very little progress and knew things were not as they should be. I teamed up with Chriss and, after 6 weeks, a lot of things dropped into place. His method of teaching is excellent , he is relaxed in his style, motivates and encourages you at every opportunity. In the time I have spent with him my playing ability has improved, I cannot recommend him highly enough. Chriss is well worth working wth - you will not regret it."
Colin - Weston-Super-Mare 

"Strumming along, playing a tune that not only I recognise and enjoy playing, I feel excited knowing that I am learning a piece of music that my family and friends will also recognise. I feel a great sense of achievement as I have quickly progressed from not even knowing how to hold a guitar, to learning how to play a number of pieces of music. This is my 6th lesson. 
I am so pleased that I stumbled across Chriss' website, and will certainly recommend his teaching skills to anybody wishing to start guitar lessons. I feel comfortable and relaxed during lessons with Chriss, and am impressed with my level of progress. Chriss is friendly and professional, and is always on time." 
Rebecca - Bishop's Lydeard

"I have been having lessons with Chriss for roughly six weeks now. I am making good progress and think Chriss is an excellent teacher. He is patient, friendly and, most of all, it's a lot of fun! I would recommend Chriss to anyone with the desire to learn the guitar. I wish I had done it a lot sooner!"
Lesley - Portishead

"Chriss has been teaching my son Alex and myself for approximately 5 months now. We have both thoroughly enjoyed every lesson, and are making steady progress. After putting off learning the guitar for years due to time constraints I am delighted that I found Chriss, and hope to continue learning with him for years to come".
Steve - Merridge

"As a mature student I found Chriss' methods very easy to understand and within a matter of weeks playing chords and popular tunes. If you're looking for a tutor who is knowledgeable, patient and friendly, then Chriss ticks all the boxes".
Mike - Pawlett

"I had been struggling to teach myself for a year and achieved little. Just a few short lessons down the line, I can play tunes that my family recognise without being asked "Isn't that.....?" Chriss is now helping me build a solid foundation of skills and techniques to equip me for the range of musical styles that I enjoy. What more can you ask of a teacher? Chriss is personable and always cheerful. His style is relaxed yet efficient, leading to rapid progress without pressure. I really enjoy our lessons, thank you!"
Nick - Redhill 

"Chriss has given me the courage to pick up the guitar again after many years. The lessons are enjoyable, varied and most of all challenging, always with the opportunity to learn a new tune, even from day one. Most of all Chriss' quiet humour and patience. 
A very big thank you!"
Ruth - Nailsea

"I have tried lessons several times and never had such an enjoyable and positive time!"
Mark - Holcombe Rogus (Nr Wellington)

"I have been having guitar lessons with Chriss for three months. I find his teaching style to be fun, flexible and interesting. Chriss has the ability to make something difficult appear easy and this motivates me to want to learn more. We have covered a variety of styles and techniques and I continue to enjoy the lessons".
Jules - Cheddar

"Chriss has been teaching my daughter Sally for around three months. With the approach Chriss takes it proves that learning an instrument as a child can be fun, not a chore. He is always encouraging and quick to praise. Sally is making considerable progress and having a good time doing it".
Lara - Wrington

"Chriss has a clever way of teaching along with an approachable manner that puts people at ease. Learning guitar this way makes it an enjoyable and rewarding experience! A benchmark that others should follow. I always look forward to my next lesson (especially as it's in the convenience of one's home) and would happily recommend "Somerset Guitar" to anyone. Long may it continue!
Roy - Cheddar

"I started lessons with my previous teacher in February 2007, aged 54, my first guitar! Attended weekly for 10 months. My tutor struggled with my musical dyslexia and I struggled with all the theory. We amicably agreed that he probably wasn't the teacher for me. I started to look for a new teacher. There were plenty around but would they be right for me? Found Chriss' website. Spoke to him on the phone and booked my first lesson. Just completed my sixth lesson. Chriss has shown me helpful techniques. We play along together and I feel I am going in the right direction and making real progress. He explains and demonstrates in a way that I, as a dyslexic person, can understand. With my old teacher I always felt I was failing and under pressure but this is not the case with Chriss. I look forward to continuing the learning process with Chriss.
John - Roadwater

"Chriss has been giving my daughter (Sammy) lessons for the past few months. I am very pleased with the lessons. I feel Sammy is making very good progress with Chriss, but mostly, she enjoys the lessons immensely. Chriss has a knack of putting Sammy at ease with herself and her guitar. I would wholeheartedly recommend Chriss to anyone interested in guitar. It is also a real pleasure to listen to him play."
Karen - Burnham-on-Sea 

"It's great to be able to have lessons in my own home and to have a few pieces to practice the different techniques but also some helpful hints and tips to improve my techniques."
Mike - East Huntspill

"Chriss has a very patient style of teaching. Complimentary towards my playing (when not entirely deserved!). Makes learning the guitar a pleasureable and un-intimidating experience!"
Tim - Wrington

"Chriss is exactly what I was looking for in a guitar teacher. He makes me confident about my learning and is patient when I feel frustrated. I thoroughly enjoy every lesson."
Charlie - Berrow

"Seems like a great teacher to me! As a beginner he's got me playing with TAB notation easily and has lots of up to date as well as more traditional pieces to practice. The way he helps you build your skills and guides practice is excellent and very flexible indeed. Highly recommended!"
Keith - Wootton Courtenay, Nr Minehead

"I have found Chriss to be an extremely good teacher as he was able to work at my pace and also able to teach me skills that I require using specific songs rather than scales. I am amazed at the progress that I have made in the 4 weeks that I have been having lessons".
James - High Littleton

"Chriss is an excellent tutor. He makes you feel very comfortable and the progress made from a scratch start is excellent. Looking forward to further progress!"
Paul - Street

"Chriss has given me an excellent repertoire of skills in the several lessons I have had. The teaching is a mix of review work (based on the pieces he has asked you to study between lessons) and exploring new pieces or revisiting existing pieces to fine tune your playing or explore new techniques. The pace is relaxing and you are never left to struggle. Chriss always has a few tricks up his sleeve to get you round any issues and plenty of advice to make your playing a fun and rewarding experience. Personally I have found Chriss to be a patient and knowledgeable teacher, who introduces new skills and techniques when you are ready and will always have words of encouragement for you should you find a piece of music hard".
Tim - Portishead

"I am extremely impressed by Chriss' professional approach - he is a pleasure to deal with and has a knack of putting people at their ease. Chriss has been very encouraging towards my daughter and she has enjoyed the fun tunes he has taught her. She is making great progress and Chriss' style of teaching is always appropriate. He explains things clearly and patiently - I would certainly recommend him to anyone thinking of taking up lessons."
Jessica - Baltonsborough

"I have found Chriss to be very patient and enthusiastic. Me being an "elder" pupil have found Chriss to be sympathetic and has helped to motivate and really enjoy playing the guitar. Chriss is also informative and is very good at explaining finger work and technique."
Ron - Bagborough/Brent Knoll

"I have had six lessons so far and found Chriss to be very patient, professional and most important of all for me, enthusiastic, he obviously enjoys the guitar and this shows in his teaching. The variety of techniques are really starting to come together in such a short time. I look forward to the lessons, there is no pressure, you are left to get on at your own pace which makes for enjoyable learning". 
Ian - Shepton Mallet

"If I was asked by someone who wanted to learn to play the guitar to recommend a teacher I would have no hesitation in recommending Chriss. After a 5 year break from any form of tuition, learning with Chriss has been a complete pleasure. I was a little apprehensive as my previous tuition had been formal and quite oppressive to the point of being counter productive. Learning with Chriss is productive, relaxed, challenging but above all fun and comfortable. In 5 lessons I have progressed at a fast and steady rate thanks to Chriss’s expert instruction. I would like to thank you for your time, patience and instruction. You have enabled me to build my confidence and playing ability".
Mark - Bridgwater

"Chriss is unlike most guitar teachers because instead of spending months with theory and scales he gets you playing songs by the end of the first lesson and you pick up techniques as you go. Every lesson there is something new and the lessons are better, more fun and cheaper than any other teachers I've tried!"
Briony - Castle Cary/Glastonbury

"Hope I'll be as good as you soon! I like the way you are teaching me" (Steff - 11).
"Steff is enjoying her lessons - keep up the great work - both of you!" (Tracey - Steff's Mum).
Steff & Tracey - Hutton

"Alex is really enjoying learning the guitar with Chriss".
Russell - Cheddar

"Chriss' approach to learning the guitar has taken me from a complete beginner to playing several recognisable tunes within only a few lessons. His instructions are very clear to follow and his calm, patient approach has made every lesson very enjoyable for me and my daughter".
Jonathan - Ubley

"I enjoy just listening, talking and practicing the techniques with someone....rather than doing this alone. I have not been in the same room as another guitarist just trying to generally improve for 36 years............so I find our sessions enjoyable as well as valuable".
Jerry - Uphill

"Chriss has made learning to play the guitar enjoyable and has encouraged me to keep going when I have felt like giving up. He is friendly and has made me feel more confident".
Becky - Street

"I have tried to start learning the guitar once before but found my teacher's style of tuition plus the timing of lessons to be very detrimental on my progress. Chriss has helped me get back into it from the start with his positive, friendly attitude and patient but challenging lessons, always pushing me on but only when I'm ready to go forwards. The lessons are interesting and fun, all in the convenience of my home which makes a big difference. I would definitely recommend Chriss as a teacher to anyone! He is brilliant!"
Felix - Axbridge

"Having Chriss has been great so far. I've played some great tunes and I'm really happy with what I've learnt. The lessons are fun and enjoyable, plus, it's all at my house!"
Nathan - Street

"I have always wanted to learn the guitar but thought, at 55, time had passed me by and it was now too late. How wrong I was. I found Chriss' details on the web and started from there. I find Chriss to be a really good teacher explaining everything very well with an informative style that is not over-bearing but makes learning very pleasurable. Over the short time I have been learning (just finished my sixth lesson) I can now see that it really is possible to learn to play the guitar at an older age with a teacher such as Chriss. As many have no doubt said - "I wish I had done it before" So do it - age doesn't matter!"
Dudley - Stoney Stratton

"I can already play some really recognisable tunes, and I've only been going for a month!"
Sam - Winford

"Chriss, you make learning fun and easy, lessons are a pleasure. You have been great to deal with, from initial email/phone call through to bookings and actual lessons, everything is smooth, easy and professional. Your calm, warm personality and your ability to make an absolute beginner understand all aspects so easily is a delight. I can't believe what you have got me playing already. I'm so glad to have you as my teacher".
Clair - Wells

"Thank you Chriss for helping Ashley learn the guitar. You are a very patient person and explain everything clearly"...........Thank you for teaching me the guitar. You are a good player and thank you for being so patient with me".
Brenda & Ashley - Shepton Mallet

"Chriss has the ability to make you feel relaxed and confident, yet he is also able to give the right sort of material to allow me to progress at my own speed comfortably to a competent level".
Chuck - Burnham-on-Sea

"I am extremely grateful to Chriss for all he has taught this 53 year old and all the encouragement I have received since I decided to finally get around to fulfilling my teenage intention to master the guitar. Like so many of that age I lacked the drive and dedication to persist with the instrument and had been left with a conviction that it was now too late. Happily Chriss has been able to convince me that this is not the case! His style is relaxed and always encouraging but, more significantly, subtly creative. The result is that one not only enjoys the lesson but can detect real progress very quickly without realising one is being taught. If the student can supply the determination to practice regularly then Chriss will do the rest. I can heartily endorse the Somerset Guitar!"
Martyn - Kingston Seymour

"Chriss is an amazing teacher with a great understanding of playing the guitar. It is with some trepidation that you allow a stranger found on the internet into your home - not necessary! Chriss dispels such thoughts through his professional and amiable approach. He teaches in a clear, structured and empathetic manner but, most importantly, it's fun! My daughter has only had a few lessons but has made measurable progress already - I can actually recognise the melodies and appreciate the improving technique. Thank you".
Tricia - Midsomer Norton

"Chriss is patient, encouraging and enthusiastic. His lessons are never dull and at the end of each one you're playing a new tune! I've gone from being a frustrated wanna-be player to an inspired hopeful. It's a bit like being taught to play by your best mate....and he comes to your home!"
Nigel - Street

"I am so pleased that I followed through my search online with a call to Chriss to arrange a guitar lesson. After just a couple of lessons he left me with some simple tunes to practice that I was able to play giving me a real sense of confidence. Chriss is a true professional in his approach. Always on time, covers the basics and then happy to adapt both the style and lesson to your needs. He gets a genuine sense of achievement from the lessons and always motivates you to improve and progress. I'm confident that Chriss would be able to accommodate and adapt to any student. At seven months pregnant we have had to adjust my posture slightly for guitar - the "baby" loves the music!"
Victoria - Creech St Michael

"Highly recommended! Chriss has an infectious enthusiasm for the guitar and a great repertoire of music that even a complete beginner can get to grips with. From the first lesson you’ll be playing music that you enjoy (and learning invaluable techniques as you do)."
Carolyn - Burnham-on-Sea

"Michael has enjoyed the lessons so far. The choice of music has appealed to him too."
Yvonne - Regil

"We have been really impressed with how friendly and approachable Chriss has been. Eddie feels very comfortable in his lessons and is learning fast. I recommend Chriss to any other guitar player."
Jo - Yarley Cross

"Since my first lesson with Chriss I have been inspired and amazed by the abilities of my instrument. Chriss' thorough understanding and excellent teaching methods are an inspiration to me to continue practicing and hopefully improving my musical ability. In the course of six lessons Chriss has given me a very complete set of tools that I feel will allow me to develop my playing skills and, hopefully one day, play with as much competence and expression as he does himself".
Greshna - Watchet

"I need the discipline that a lesson brings. Good guitar teachers that are nice people as well are very rare. I thank you for the praise and the confidence you've given me".
Steve - East Huntspill 

"Chriss has been an excellent teacher, after wanting to learn for years and trying from books he has finally given me the direction I need to really start playing and enjoying the guitar in a very short period of time".
Aaron - North Newton

"Chriss has proved to be an excellent teacher, encouraging my daughter to want to improve her guitar playing. He is always willing to track down pieces that his students are keen to learn".
Sherry - Edington

"A few points from me; 1) a very encouraging style for timid beginners, 2) the practice pieces chosen maintain interest and give just the right amount of challenge, 3) the pace is just right and the explanations make sense, 4) it's very convenient and pleasant to have Chriss come to the house - we look forward to Mondays, 5) timekeeping is excellent, 6) a professional yet relaxed approach to teaching, 7) administration and booking arrangements are very professional and clear."
Jim - Wedmore

"I look forward to each lesson as I know that Chriss will help me to get one step closer. The progress I have made with Chriss has been far greater than I had expected. After four years of having my guitar, I am finally making it do what I want it to do! As I am sure that all his other students say the same "Why didn't I turn to him sooner!" 
Farran - Shepton Mallet

"Learning to play the guitar with Chriss is great fun and it is so very helpful and convenient to have ‘one to one’ tuition in my own home. His patience and encouragement is marvellous and it is such a joy to hear him play which inspires me with the determination to keep practicing to improve".
Lizzie - Axbridge

"Thank you for your time, comments and encouragement today. Likewise your help in understanding, decoding and demystifying TAB was just what I needed. I feel spurred on to try and get to grips with it now, the ball is firmly in my court to make the time to make some real progress to learn other pieces and improve. I will keep in touch, and once I feel as though I have made some progress will arrange another session with you if that is OK. In the meantime, if you are in the area between lessons or whatever, you are more than welcome to call in for a cuppa".
David - Spaxton

"Chriss is a very likeable chap (despite being an Everton fan!) and our daughter is very happy with his lessons. He is calm, patient and, as a result, our daughter feels completely comfortable in his company. Our daughter's guitar playing has progressed quickly under Chriss' tuition and she has stated that she has learnt more in a few weeks with Chriss than she has in several terms with her school guitar teacher. Overall, our daughter and us (her parents) are entirely happy with Chriss' guitar teaching and the level of service he provides".
Patsy & Simon - Street (Liverpool Fans!)

"Thanks for your help! I’ve reached the first goal of being able to play something my wife recognises. Within five weeks of starting guitar playing I’ve got to the stage of being able to pick up most tabs and, whilst not a rock legend, I can pick the tune out. I’m particularly pleased that you taught me to use the guitar as a solo instrument. It’s a great feeling when you play all of the song - not just the bits that the lead usually gets. Come back and drink my coffee anytime!"
Richard - Mark

"My daughter Lucy really enjoys her lessons".
Naomi - Polsham

"Your obvious enthusiasm is what I really wanted to experience from a teacher and, as a result, I find I'm concentrating on my patience to master both the fingering and the picking techniques. I enjoy the practice so much it's no longer something I have to set aside time for and I'm really determined that I won't give up when something proves to be difficult - I really want to show you how much I want to succeed".
Carol - Westonzoyland 

"Our son James is seven years of age. In a very short time he has made steady progress and showing confidence playing the guitar. We are very impressed with Chriss' method of teaching".
Kay - Brent Knoll

"Thank you for your expertise and patience".
William - Maesbury, Nr Wells 

"I really enjoy learning with Chriss, he had me playing tunes I recognised by the end of our first session and he's taught me some really interesting pieces of music. If you want to learn to play in a relaxed environment with a patient and very competant teacher - phone Chriss".
Chris - Wembdon

"Since starting his lessons with Chriss my son has improved immensely. Chriss has a very good way of explaining things, making learning understandable. My son and I have never regretted asking Chriss to teach my son".
Karen - East Huntspill 

"After five lessons with Chriss I already feel a sense of achievement. Chriss' guidance on what to practice and his tips to make playing easier means I have manageable goals and new ways to reach them. I find that his flexible approach and encouragement makes learning a pleasure".
Timothy - Winscombe

"My guitar playing has improved greatly since I began my lessons with Chriss and I have learned many new techniques and styles. The lessons have been extremely enjoyable and informative. Chriss is friendly, flexible and has great patience - he's also a very talented musician. I would highly recommend Chriss as a guitar teacher".
Josie - Glastonbury

"My daughter has been having guitar lessons for about a year now, she always enjoys her lessons. Chriss is very enthusiastic and talented which makes Lorna aspire to work harder"
Karen - Burnham-on-Sea

"In the six weeks that our twelve year old son has been tutored by Chriss, we have found Chriss to be friendly and approachable with good communications via Email making it easy to arrange lessons. Our son has very much enjoyed his lessons and has been enthused by Chriss' approach and learning style".
Debbie, Nick & Liam - Shepton Mallett

"Chriss obviously has great talent and a great desire to pass on his skills, he is always punctual and provides varied content for practice. A great service!
Steve - Bridgwater

"I am very much enjoying Chriss' lessons, I find the way he breaks each song down into small parts and teaches it you step by step a much easier and more enjoyable way of learning. Having a song or two to go away and practice each week is very helpful too".
Matthew - Street

"Chriss has taught me so much in such a short space of time. He is a pleasure to work with and I consider myself very fortunate to have found him. Above all it is his approach to his teaching that stands out in my opinion which is relaxed, friendly and flexible. Thank you Chriss" 
Geoff - Bridgwater

"I am very impressed with Chriss' style of teaching. My son has come on leaps and bounds in just six weeks. He thoroughly enjoys his lessons. I would recommend Chriss to anyone - a fantastic guy".
Julie - Burnham-on-Sea 

"I feel as though I've come on leaps and bounds. Should have met Chriss a long time ago. He is also a great inspiration to me. Hopefully I can continue to improve with his guidance".
 Mike - Mark

"Chriss is my guitar teacher and I would highly recommend him to anyone of any age as he is well experienced, has patience and is very thorough.......From a satisfied pupil". 
Moira - Highbridge

"Chriss has been teaching our children for two months, in that time we've found him to be a very friendly and enthusiastic teacher. They enjoy being taught at home where they are comfortable and relaxed - it also saves two trips to drop them off and collect them. The children find his explanations clear and easy to follow, they enjoy their lessons and look forward to his visits. He gives the kids lots of support and encouragement and we have found him to be an excellent teacher. It is truly amazing how much they have learned in such a short space of time".
Karen - Berrow

"Since having lessons from Chriss I've been amazed how much I've improved. He has simplified the things that were confusing me and he explains things in a clear and precise manner. I've found him to be very friendly and extremely punctual. I'd gladly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn to play the guitar!"
Martin - Bridgwater

"I really enjoy my guitar lessons with Chriss and I'm thrilled with how much I've learnt without having to learn music. The fact that he comes to your home is a real plus and I love to hear him play. I wish I'd started lessons ages ago and not spent a fortune on books trying to struggle through on my own. Very patient - much needed with me!"
Keith - Weston-Super-Mare

"I am very pleased with the progress my son has made in such a short space of time. I have found Chriss to be very patient and understanding. My son has only been learning for six weeks and, the progress he has made in such a short space of time, is impressive. My son looks forward to his lessons every week and I have no problem recommending Chriss to other prospective pupils as he is very good at what he does".
Nicola - Burnham-on-Sea
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