I provide tuition for beginners/players over 25 years of age.

I travel to your home/work/office.

Instruction is based on quickly learnt practical skills and not musical theory.

Lessons are of one hour duration and I can do "intensive sessions" (2 hours plus) if required.
Fortnightly lessons are the "norm" but some people want lessons weekly - if that's best for you it's fine by me.
The most favoured and "peak time" is between 4-7pm which proves very popular - If you're available during the weekday daytimes It's easier to fit you in.

I provide all the materials and subject matter for each session. Learning is structured by using particular pieces of music (both mine and some selected by the student) to provide a solid foundation for progression to all types of guitar music.

Each musical piece taught develops a particular playing technique/skill which expands the student's repertoire and develops/improves finger and hand dexterity.

My teaching methodology is not based on any exam syllabus but from my own experience of mastering the instrument. Hindsight in life is a wonderful thing and I share this journey, tricks learnt, what best to focus on (and not!) with my students to ensure they develop a full set of skills. I call this a "toolkit approach" in that students learn a versatile/powerful toolkit of skills - different ways to strum, to fingerpick...etc. They are then not only proficient guitarists but also become a musician.

"Homework" is set to ensure that practice is undertaken between lessons to reinforce learning and progress.

My approach is very much to fast-track students and I'm very flexible as to your commitment. You do not have to sign any form of learning agreement or pay in advance for a number of lessons. It's very much "pay as you go" and after every six lessons I have a review session for us both to see what we think. 

You're free to terminate my services at any time and likewise for me if I don't think you're up for it or, for some reason, we just don't gel.

It's not my intention either to create a dependency on my teaching so that you have to have lessons for years. I foster an independence in players so that they can pursue their own musical journey. Things like downloading music off the internet - it's all free these days and also encouraging improvisation. Key factors in keeping this a cheap and rewarding pastime/hobby.

If you don't have a guitar yet I'm happy to discuss this with you and advise on instrument purchase.
Whatever type of music you want to play the basics of the guitar are the same and are relevant for; -

Classical/Spanish/Flamenco Guitar (Can be amplified : Electro-Classical)

Electric/Solid Guitar

Acoustic/Folk/Jumbo Guitar (Can be amplified : Electro-Acoustic)  
(Note: I do not teach Bass Guitar)  
The other essential "must have" for a guitar player is a tuner.

You'll need to check your guitar tuning every time before you play it to ensure it's tuned correctly.
Use an Electronic Tuner. These are reasonably inexpensive and can be purchased from any music shop or Ebay. Pluck the string you want to tune and check the dial – it should show green and line up in the middle. The unit has a microphone to pick up the sound and a hole to connect the jack for an electric guitar.

I recommend the “Qwik Tune” tuner (pictured) as it’s simple and just for guitar and not other stringed instruments. I can provide one of these.
If you have an iPhone then I recommend the Guitar Toolkit app (pictured)

This is really useful in that it provides a tuner, metronome, chord dictionaries, alternate tunings plus other features. The chords change to reflect differing tunings and are reversed for left-handers.

Powerful information and handy on your phone at a great price.
My price is extremely competitive for one-to-one personal tuition plus the convenience of me coming to your place!
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